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Chef Corey from Off The Hook joins us this week to talk about his motivation and recent fame from the the Food Network! Are you hooked? … Continue readingEp 10: Get Hooked!

An episode about condiments sparked by some great listener feedback. We explore Oklahoma's favorite - Ranch. And, talk about some new creations that Heinz has unveiled. Plus, some new food news! … Continue readingEp 9: Got Kranch? Wait…What?

Get to know us! In this episode we hope to move from 2 voices on a podcast to 2 people that you know. We talk about who we are, what kinds of food make us tick and things that makes Nabeel and Ashley...Nabeel and Ashley. … Continue readingEp 7: Who Are You Listening To?

Love seeing food pics on Instagram? You've probably seen some of Logan's pictures w/ Edible Excellence. He joins us this week to talk about some of his favorite spots around Oklahoma and why he was motivated to show off all the delicious food Oklahoma has to offer! … Continue readingEp 6: Edible Excellence w/ Logan Holden

A book club where the book is a cookbook? And, instead of talking about characters and plot lines you eat delicious food? Yes please! In this episode we talk about cookbook clubs with Serena Jamal. … Continue readingEp 5: Cookbook Club w/ Serena Jamal