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This week its all about BBQ. Travis Clark joins us to talk about how he's achieved so much in the BBQ circuit, so fast. He talks about his process and his new restaurant, Clark Crew BBQ that opened recently in Oklahoma City. … Continue readingEp 47: Clark Crew BBQ w/ Travis Clark

The Localites (Anna and Kayla) join us this week to talk about their favorite spots in OKC. From local taco places to food centric events that they look forward to every year. Tons of delicious information in this one. … Continue readingEp 45: Localites OKC w/ Anna & Kayla

Happy New Decade! James Vu w/ La Brasa (and Kamps, and Kongs, and a lot of other places around town) joins us this week to talk about everything delicious and how he brought the idea of La Brasa to life. … Continue readingEp 44: La Brasa w/ James Vu

Chef Jeff joins us this week to talk about two fantastic restaurants. Goro Ramen in the Plaza District and Gun Izakaya in the Paseo. What inspired him to bring a little Japanese culture to OKC? And what makes these concepts so delicious? Find out, on this episode. … Continue readingEp 41: Gun & Goro w/ Jeff Chanchaleune

Shake up your thanksgiving tastebuds this year. We share some fun twists on the holiday classic and some new ideas on what you can bring to the Thanksgiving table this year to satisfy your family and friends. We also chat about which restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving in OKC. … Continue readingEp 38: Bring Something New to the Thanksgiving Table

Bruce Rinehart, aka Mr. Rococo joins us this week to talk about how he became Mr. Rococo. If you've met him, you know. We talk about his journey from New England and across the United States which ultimately led him here, to Oklahoma City. … Continue readingEp 37: Love Rococo w/ Bruce Rinehart