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Ep 57: Waytable w/ Benjamin Nockels

Benjamin Nockels with Waytable joins me this week to talk about this great organizations. Waytable’s goals is to feed local workers who are fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis and support local restaurants that are struggling to stay open in the midst of nationwide ‘shelter-in-place’ orders. Learn more about Waytable and how you can help on this episode.

Ep 46: Froduce w/ Erika Barenberg

All about how to eat delicious food, while remaining true to your new year’s resolution. Erika Barenberg, Editor-in-Chief of FIT405 Magazine and CEO of 4:13 Fitness joins us this week to talk about food and fitness, and how we don’t have to sacrifice taste to monitor our caloric intake.

Ep 38: Bring Something New to the Thanksgiving Table

Shake up your thanksgiving tastebuds this year. We share some fun twists on the holiday classic and some new ideas on what you can bring to the Thanksgiving table this year to satisfy your family and friends. We also chat about which restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving in OKC.