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Alex joins us this week to talk about Notorious P.I.E. - a great, colorful pizza joint in Norman. We talk about some of our favorite eats as well as some things that make Notorious stand out from other places around Oklahoma. … Continue readingEp 60: Notorious P.I.E. w/ Alex

Chef Shelby Sieg, Beat Bobby Flay Champion joins us in the studio to talk about a new concept in the Plaza District. Lua, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant offering small-plates, seasonal wines and cold beers in the heart of Oklahoma City's Plaza District. … Continue readingEp 58: Lua w/ Shelby Sieg

Benjamin Nockels with Waytable joins me this week to talk about this great organizations. Waytable's goals is to feed local workers who are fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis and support local restaurants that are struggling to stay open in the midst of nationwide ‘shelter-in-place’ orders. Learn more about Waytable and how you can help on this episode. … Continue readingEp 57: Waytable w/ Benjamin Nockels

I am joined by Edible Excellence (Logan) and Take A Bite OK (Phi), while we practice social distancing. Our conversation revolves around whats happening in the restaurant industry, how they are responding to the crisis and what WE, as Oklahomans (and food lovers) can do to support them. We also cover specials restaurants our offering, our favorite take out spots and a few simple things you can do to to support your favorite local restaurant. … Continue readingEp 55: #okloveslocal w/ Edible Excellence & Take A Bite OK

Pi Day is here and what better time to talk about Pie Junkie than now. Darcy and Leslie join us in the studio to talk about this gem in the Plaza District. What makes these pies so great and how did they get started in the pie business? Listen in. … Continue readingEp 54: Pie Junkie w/ Darcy & Leslie

We did this last year, where we forecasted trends for 2019 (and some of them were more accurate than others). Now we're doing it for 2020. Gabe joins us in the studio once again to lend his insight into the trends that will be shaping what food we eat this year. … Continue readingEp 53: 2020 Food Trends w/ Gabriel Lewis

The 33rd annual Chefs' Feast is right around the corner. Proceeds from the event help to provide food for the one in four Oklahoma children that live with food insecurity every day. Natalie Wood, Director of Community Engagement at the Regional Food Bank and Chef Don Thiery join us to tell us more about the event. From the great food from amazing chefs to the good it does in our community. … Continue readingEp 52: Chefs’ Feast w/ Natalie & Don

Its all about eggs! Becky and Lauden from the Oklahoma City Museum of Art join us in the studio to talk about their 36th Annual Omelette Party! Listen to what they have planned for this year. Plus - a special announcement about our 1 year anniversary party. … Continue readingEp 51: Omelette Party w/ Becky and Lauden