I started OKC Foodcast in 2019 to connect with the food community and culture in Oklahoma City. And, in my own way, help build awareness (and to a certain point, appreciation) for the incredible food and extremely talented chefs we have in our city. I’m lucky to be able to continue that quest weekly with Josh, Cristina, Chefs, Foodies, and most importantly you, our community of listeners.

What convinces you to order something off the menu – its picture or the description?
Definitely the description.

Favorite type of Pizza:
Detroit Style

Flour or corn tortilla?
Depends on my mood.

I've called Oklahoma City my home for a little over 10+ years after making the huge leap of moving from Cochabamba, Bolivia to the US for University. Home cooking and the challenge of recreating authentic Bolivian cuisine has not only been a challenge but deeply therapeutic.

Food is more than just a meal but an experience one can learn and grow from, and I'm thrilled to embark on this food journey with my co-hosts with the goal of discovering every charming corner of OKC and its diverse food culture. 

Catch me hanging out by the ooni cooking making some pizzas with my fiancé, RJ, and our 2 pups, Charlie and Jake. 

Bucket list food event yet to attend:
The Wellfleet Oyster Fest!

Lobster or steak?
...this was a hard one, but I'll have to say lobster!

Favorite spread?
Pork liver pâté

Growing up in a large family meant that mealtime was literally a family affair. Everyone had a role in the kitchen and was expected to help. When I got a little older I claimed the grill as my domain, and I've been grilling ever since. You'll hear me reference my Blackstone on this podcast..... a lot. 

I love Oklahoma City, and I love how far the food scene has come in such a short amount of time. I'm always down for exploring new places, foods and drinks, and hearing the stories behind it all!

Sweet or savory?
Savory all day. 

Bucket list food destination:

The first food I mastered: